What would you do differently if you new you were going to be robbed?

"The on-going cultivation of a security mindset combined with technology are the best weapons in our arsenal against cyber crime. While prevention is the goal, mitigation of the consequences and fast recovery are certainly far more important" Noel Cleere ICT Security

Fact 1:The majority of today’s data breaches result from human error, making cybersecurity a “people problem” as well as a technology issue. Ciaran Martin, a leading global expert in Cyber Security, stated that there is no conceivable system that can stop one person in one hundred from opening a phishing email ... that can be all it takes!

Fact 2: Technology alone will NOT solve the problem! JP Morgan is a company that has 2,000 people dedicated to cyber security. They have spent €200 million on cyber security. They do everything right... and they still got hacked!

Conclusion: The most powerful remedy against Cyber Crime is the on-going cultivation of an entirely new mindset, knowledge, and awareness around cybersecurity with secure actions and decisions at the forefront combined with technology.

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