Your IT as a Utility

Electricity, gas, telephone broadband and water are all essential utilities. As such, each utility is continuously monitored and managed. The focus is on fault prevention to avoid loss of service. Learn more about how we treat IT as an essential utility for your school, business and practice.

Think of IT as an Essential Utility

A reliable IT service is paramount and needs to be treated no differently to other essential utilities.. In the past, IT support was provided on a break/fix basis: if the computer fails to boot, call a technician. Break/fix will always have its place, but our reliance on computers and the internet in education, business and healthcare means that it must always be available when needed!

In order to ensure high availability and reliability, a systematic and planned approach to IT maintenance, management, and security is essential. This explains why there is an inevitable shift away from the per-incident break/fix model to the subscription-based managed services one.


Our Managed IT Solution provides:

  1. a strategic approach to long-term IT maintenance, support, and management.

  2. greater predictability when managing your IT budget and costs.

  3. proactive monitoring; the focus is on Prevention i.e.identifying potential problems and resolving them before they can impact productivity.

  4. proactive security to help avoid cyber-attacks and protect data.

  5. proactive data backup and recovery.

  6. an assurance that the IT Infrastructure is aligned with future developments in business and education.

Plans & Pricing

We offer a wide range of cost-effective IT plans for a low-cost monthly or annual subscription from as little as €40.00 per month with package tailored to to reqirements of schools and businesses of any size.

To find our more: Call Noel at: 087 926 7965 or email

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