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Building Healthy Tech Habits
Children & Adolescents

Helping children to use smartphones, social media, and the internet safely and in a balanced way is critical today. Schools can play a pivotal role by encouraging healthy tech habits among their students. It’s important to start early. In Ireland and across the globe, the benefits of technology are being overshadowed by the alarming numbers of young people undergoing treatment for complex emotional and psychological problems that can be largely attributed to poor tech practices.The needs are complex and improvements are urgently needed. (see:  A Piece of My Mind—Children’s Mental Health Survey May 2023 Ombudsman do Leanaí). 

Through greater awareness, small behavioural changes, and consistent actions, we can all make a real difference This practical program will show you how.

Notes on Presenter

To provide greater awareness of the impact that technology can have on child mental health and to provide a practical framework for building positive tech habits at home and in the classroom. (Based on the work of Dr Shima Kang MD)

The topics covered in this programme are as follows:

  1. Technology’s Alter-Egos

  2. The Social Brain, Relationships, Attachment—a neurobiology perspective.

  3. Disruption—the affects of technology on the child’s brain and behaviour

  4. Technology “triggers”: neurochemical messengers and their affects on children and adolescents

  5. Tech Addiction & Anxiety—Symptoms & Signs — The Tech Addiction Survey (in-class survey)

  6. The Power of Habit & Change

  7. Small Steps / Big Impact—The 6-Step Plan.

  8. Discussion

School principals, Pastoral Care and Career Guidance personnel, teachers and SNA's, Parents, Guardians

2 Hours

Noel Cleere has been working in the education technology sector for more than 35 years. Noel is a qualified life coach (APC IAPC&M) with a deep understanding of technology and internet addiction. He is currently in his final year of the BSc (Hons) Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy with PCI College and Middlesex University where his special interests are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy.

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"Technology that helps us accomplish our goals is positive. Tech that we passively consume, on the other hand, is negative." (Dr Shimi Kang MD)

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