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Learning with Tablets

The ScoilCare Programme


Technology is playing an ever-increasing and critical role in education in Ireland and across the globe. Ipads, Chromebooks, laptops, PCs, and interactive boards have become the norm in integrative learning in the vast majority of schools throughout the country, and this trend is set to continue. In Ireland,  


Despite this progress, IT support has been largely ignored. For systems to continue to function effectively, they need to be routinely maintained and updated but there is no funding available for this essential work. Schools must find the necessary resources themselves.  The cost of most commercial IT maintenance contracts can be simply unaffordable for the vast majority of national and primary schools. A more effective school-focused solution is needed that reflects the financial challenges faced by Irish National and Primary Schools today. 

So...Welcome to ScoilCare! 

What Schools have Always Needed - ScoilCare now provides

ScoilCare can provide what schools have needed for a long time i.e. a structured IT support and maintenance programme that is

  1. Affordable: priced at rates that realistically reflect school budget constraints.

  2. Exceeding Expectations: I have been providing educational technology solutions and support to schools for over 35 years. Excellent references are available from my client schools. I guarantee an excellent service.

  3. Structured:  ScoilCare provides a structured IT maintenance service with routine maintenance schedules, systems monitoring, and updates.  Poorly maintained devices can fail unexpectedly. This leads to unexpected costs and makes IT budgets difficult to control. A well-structured IT maintenance program reduces these events, creates a high degree of certainty, and reduces those unwanted surprises!

  4. Unobtrusive:  95% of Maintenance events will take place in the background and outside of regular school hours.

  5. Simple & Easy to Interact with: ScoilCare is easy of use!  


*** You will Always Speak  with a Human Being - NO A.I. - NO Chatbot - GUARANTEED! ***

ScoilCare - A Realistic Solution

What is ScoilCare?

ScoilCare is a IT maintenance and support initiative designed specifically for National and Primary Schools. ScoilCare provides professional telephone, email  helpdesk, and remote technical support to schools on a monthly/annual subscription basis.  ScoilCare is designed specifically for the education sector and priced accordingly. 

What Makes ScoilCare Unique?

ScoilCare provides all the regular services that most IT support companies provide. What makes ScoilCare UNIQUE  however is that ScoilCare  services focus exclusively on schools  and ScoilCare prices are only a fraction of commercial prices. Service excellence is also guaranteed!  

How We Support You

ScoilCare provides the following support services for ALL your windows devices, tablets, and any network and printing issues you may be experiencing as follows:

  1. Live Phone Support :  Call us for advice, and support. Lines are open from 8a.m. and 6p.m. Monday to Friday and 8 a.m. to 12 noon Saturday.  At ScoilCare, we believe in the "human touch" so no A.I. or ChatBot!

  2. 1-Hour Remote Desktop Support: Call us - we dial in and fix the problem - The average wait time is only1 Hour.

  3. HelpDesk Service: You can log all support issues on our helpdesk where they are actioned next day.

  4. On-Site Support: At least TWO On-Site Support Visits are included in every subscription.

  5. School Client Portal: Each school is provided with its own ScoilCare Portal where all your support issues and the status of active Support Requests are recorded.

  6. Email Support & Chat Services : We also use these portals to provide you with support services when required i.e. download links, links to knowledgebase items etc.

Costs & Limitations

Rates vary depending on the number of pupils and teachers in the school, the schools requirements and budgetary constraints. Here are some examples: 


  1. For schools with under 50 pupils, the average rate is ONLY €25.00 per month OR €275.00 per annum (2 months FREE)

  2. For schools between 100 and 200 pupils, the average rate is ONLY €45.00 per month or €450.00 for the year. (2 months FREE).

  3. All Prices include VAT @ 13.5%. 

  4. Remember! The rates include the full support and monitoring services outlined above AND a minimum of 2 On-Site support visits to your school are included in your plan.

The ScoilCare Programme commences in September 2024 and will be limited to National and Primary Schools

based in Kilkenny and Carlow ONLY during the initial rollout.  

Ultimately, the final rate is customised to the needs and budgetary constraints of the school. No school is excluded.

To Discuss your  Schools Requirements & Receive a Personalised Quotation

Call Noel on 087 926 7965
Make an Enquiry

Other Services We Provide

We also provide the following services:

  1. ​Full setup, support, and training for Google Workspace for Education including Google Classroom

  2. CloudSchool Specialists 

  3. Centralised Management for Chromebooks  on Google Workspace for Education (and Full Training)

  4. Centralised Management of Apple IPad Devices via Apple School Manager and other applications.

  5. Centralised management of Android  Tablets (i.e. Samsung)

  6. Centralised management of Windows Devices (i.e. SurfacePro, laptops)

  7. Switching, Routing and Networking Services including Windows Server and Synology NAS

  8. Engenius and Unifi Wifi Solutions and Support.

  9. Security @ EDU Rates! : ESET Antivirus & Encryption, 

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